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Ship My Cards (USA)

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Please read this section carefully for an outline on our shipping policy. This is for packages going to the U.S. or it's territories ONLY.

If we're holding your bag and you're ready to be shipped without buying more packs, add this item to your cart and check out to be entered into the shipping queue.

Shipments may take up to 5-7 business days to prepare. Evolve Esports LLC ships packages once per week. The shipping list will be printed on Wednesday evening at store closing. Packages will be prepared on Thursday and mailed out on Friday. We offer two shipping levels through the United States Postal Service. 


- Small orders are shipped in bubble mailers; large orders will be shipped in boxes

- Ideal for large orders as we can effectively ship up to 5 lbs

- Delivery is expected in 1-3 business days after mailing

- Tracking will be provided


Evolve Esports LLC reserves the right to hold cards or products that exceed the weight limits as described above until additional shipping is paid.