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SM Lost Thunder 2x dollar pack (Live Break) (Hits Only)

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Factory sealed SM Lost Thunder dollar packs opening live on twitch!

Each pack contains 3 cards.

Twitch stream times listed on home page.

Buyer will recieve HIT cards only. Cards qualifying as "hits" are the valuable/collectible cards including but not limited to: Full Arts, EX, GX, V, VMax, Rainbow Rares, Gold Cards, etc. The seller will keep all commons, uncommons, reverse commons, reverse uncommons, non-holo rares, holo and reverse rares, trainers, energies and code cards.

Cards will be held by default until shipping is requested and paid for by the buyer. We offer to hold your bag to save you money on shipping! When you're ready to have your cards sent, go to the "Ship My Cards" item on the store front. Select your shipping method and check out to be entered into the shipping queue.


*All Sales Final